If Patience Is A Virtue…

then tonight I am far from virtuous.  Have you ever watched a rodent in those wheels, where they just keep running and running, but never get anywhere?  That is how I feel some days (like tonight) when trying to help my son.  I am the one running and running and getting no where, while he watches and doesn’t care.  He has an excuse because it is the worlds’ fault, never his.  So I a run like that rodent because his tutor is coming to take him and work with him tonight.  I am getting together the papers he needs to write the essay for English (the class he failed first quarter and is still failing and the essay that is already two week late) while he goes into a full blown rage, slamming the table, throwing himself to the floor, yelling at me that he isn’t going to do it and it is stupid and I am stupid and slams his fists against the floor…all while my fiance is doing all he can to stay cool and not lose it with my son and my fiances’ parents sit quietly in the living room because sadly they have witnessed this before.  Welcome to a typical Tuesday night at my house.  Then of course he forgot to bring home the chocolate that we sold for his choral trip in May, so that means I have to run and get that at his school before making it the public library on time because I myself and tutoring because we need the extra money.
    So, I send him to his room, screaming and punching all the while, get my fiance settled with what papers need to with my son and the tutor, say good bye to everyone and out running I go.  As I go, I can only hope that he pulls himself together and goes easily with his tutor and that I don’t get a phone call while I am working that I have to run home due to his defiance.  I am the rodent again.  As I get home, it will be to wait to see who comes back from tutoring, Jekyll or Hyde and that will depend how the rest of the night goes.  It could go either way, we constantly live on egg shells, hence the Jekyll and Hyde, which I nick named him years ago, but we will save that story for another blog, perhaps later tonight if I am up monitoring a raging child, but let’s hope not.  Maybe tomorrow I wont be the rodent.  One can hope, right?



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