Hump Day

I wonder who came up with such a name for Wednesday?  Someone who had a lot of time on their hands, or someone with a deluge of phrases to coin and no where to use them?  Just a random thought I had.  

     Anyway, today we go for B’s fist one month med check with his new psychiatrist.  My opinion, along with S’s and all B’s service providers is that he has done really well in he last month since being taken of his Lithium at my request.  I firmly believe that med was doing more hard than good.  His rages are lower in both numbers and frequency, and he seems just the slightest bit happier on some days.  This new doc also split his Abilify (an anti psychotic  med) from 20mg in the am to 10mg in the am and 10 mg after school.  This could be another reason for the calmer nights at home.  B’s Adderall and Clonodine were left the same.  Now don’t get me wrong, it is not all roses and crumpets.  We still have our daily struggles and some OCD tendencies have gotten worse, with a few new ones appearing (the doc warned me this could happen if he stopped the Lithium).  We still have a few major issues to deal with, but learned to celebrate every small victory and getting him off the Lithium is one in my book.  My say tonight will be to go another month as we are now, not giving a med for the OCD stuff and seeing what happens.  None of it is enough to be effecting his performance in school and we can handle it at home, so I would really love to not have to introduce another drug into his body if we can help it.  I will, however, listen to what the doctor says with an open mind because he has the degree, but I also am the mom and have a say which I love about this doctor.  We shall keep our fingers crossed and see what happens..

   As for my ailments, after many months of testing with no results and me being on the verge of thinking I was having phantom pain and becoming crazy, I have a diagnosis.  Four or five herniated discs in my lower back and a narrowing of my nerve canal in my spine, otherwise known as spinal stenosis.  I am not sure why it took so long to diagnose, because now that I know the symptoms of that, it describes all my pain to a T.  Of course the solution is never easy, as we have to jump through insurance hoops, but at least I know I am not crazy and there is actually something causing all the pain I have been experiencing.  So for now, it’s continue the nerve blocking meds that I have been on since October (that I hate), start physical therapy next week, see a Neurosurgeon on February 2 and go from there.  Probably looking at Cortizone shots at some point and if all else fails back surgery, which I do NOT want, so I will do whatever else they tell me to do to avoid that!

   So our lives are quite full with appointments right now between B and I, plus S and I both working full time and me tutoring a few hours a week.  Never a dull moment in his crazy house and I wonder, why does he want to marry into all this??  Oh yeah, cuz S is amazing and loves B and I with all our flaws and craziness, something we have never had before and let me tell you, it is a terrific feeling!  I am the luckiest girl to have two such amazing men (well OK man and pre-teen) in my life!  See, staying with my resolution of being positive! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Hump Day

  1. Thank you. I enjoy writing for myself, but if others enjoy it, learn from it, relate to it etc. then it makes it that much better. I will certainly check out your blog! Kathleen

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