Roller Coaster Anyone?

Sometimes it is hard to tell if I am coming or going.  B’s cycles are so rapid in the past couple days that I feel drained.  He is happy, then he is pissed, then he is crying.  There are no obvious triggers, nothing helps him come down and he is just so angry.  I  know that my current back issues are bringing my patience level down and B has always been in tune with my moods and it is almost like he is reacting to my pain by showing his, if that makes any sense.  More mom guilt, great.  Sometimes it is just soo much, but enough whining out of me.  It has just been one of those nights, so I am off to bed and will face another day with a positive attitude, as I have resolved to do.  Tomorrow night B is staying with my friend so S and I can go see Kelly Clarkson in concert and I think the night out will be good for me.  Gotta take care of the mom sometimes, right?


2 thoughts on “Roller Coaster Anyone?

  1. This hits very close to home… My cousin has bipolar disorder and you sound alot like my aunt. You both deserved be saints. She can relate, I am sure, to the constant roller coaster ride.. Have you read a book called Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid! ?
    One of the authors is the mother of a daughter with bipolar disorder.. I think it’s an excellent book!

  2. Thank you for your kind words I have not heard of that book, but will look for it for sure. Has your ant read Where Are The Coco Puffs? That is also an excellent book, fiction, written from the perspective of a teen girl suffering from Bi Polar.

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