Blending…Not As Easy As It Sounds…But Worth It

Exhausted tonight, as always on a kids’ weekend.  Do not get me wrong, I would not have it any other way.  I love S and when we have his kids here with B, my life feels so wonderfully full and happy.  However, going from one challenging Bi Polar almost 14 to old to him plus an almost 16 yo boy and an 11yo girl is a whole new world.  B loves having a “brother” to bond with (something he has never had before) and there are no problems there.  N is old enough to understand how to deal  with B and his issues.  K, however, is another issue.  She is young and even though we have explained B’s issues to her in terms she can understand, it is still hard for her to deal with, understandably.  Then there is the whole “sharing people” issue, for all the kids with S and I.  It is new for all of them (even though we have been together for 11 months) and they still vie for our attention.  So imagine the mall, all five of us and a thousand “mom, Steve, Dad, Kathleen”s being spoken in a four hour period…and I wonder why I am exhausted? On the whole, not a bad experience.  One pissy moment at the mall on Bs part, but no tears. A few tense moments between S and I because it is simply stressful and we didn’t get the grace period of going from birth to the current moment together with these children,  one blow up when we got home, slamming doors, tears on Bs and Ks parts, explanations needed for both, time to sit them together, make things better and then have dinner and a delightful evening at home.  Now, B and K are sleeping, N is talking to his almost gf, S and I are on our computers and passing silly love looks across the chairs and enjoying wine .  I so love my life right now, even with the roller coaster ups and downs! 🙂


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