Sometimes, you just have to celebrate the little things, even though part of me always fears that is I say them out loud, they might disappear.  Silly, but  I guess I can be superstitious that way.  Tonight I am feeling brave, so celebrate we shall!  B has been doing a bit better, a week now with no rages!  Still mood swings that are pretty severe, but not rages.  That is HUGE! Also, he came home from his father’s house and totally on his own, decided to cut off the mop that was called hair on his head and get a short new do and he looks so grown up and handsome!  His hair was a battle that I just never picked, if it was long and in his face then that was his problem, we had enough battles to fight with him and I guess my patience paid off, at least for now!  He is getting along amazingly with S, being more respectful to me, overall we have had a really good week and I am loving it.  S and I are taking a kid free vacation to see both sets of parents in Florida in 13 days (but who is counting?) and right now life is good!  I am trying not to focus on my back problems, I see a new doctor Thursday and will deal with what she says then, and until then I am just going to enjoy the happy while it lasts!  Enjoy the little things, kids! 🙂


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